‘Evil’ Continues to Be Dark AF

CBS’s paranormal procedural is wickedly good

Evil Season One Episode 9

Oof. That ending.

He definitely went out with a bang.

Evil doesn’t play, nor does it shy away from darker images/content, and this episode did not change at all.

But, that’s the end of the episode, there’s about 45 minutes of show before that.

We get to see Kristen realize that her husband is not on top of Mount Everest, but is, in fact, standing in her doorway.

So she is forced to snap out of what were indecent thoughts about David.

But, she makes the recovery and seems to be happy to see him even if this delays the inevitable dalliance with Luke Cage that we all know is coming.

There is a great moment when the husband realizes just how big that sweatshirt is that Kristen is wearing. I can’t wait till he finally meets David, as Mike Colter is the size of an NFL linebacker.

Sidenote: I don’t remember the husband’s name and I didn’t bother to look it up as in my head he’s just not-David.

The husband and Kristen begin to rekindle their romance as they haven’t seen each other in months, and Kristen was about ten seconds from testing David’s priestly vow of chastity.

It’s heading this way before the feline coitus interrupts.

When this first happened I thought for sure George was making an appearance. In fact, this might have been a missed comedic opportunity for him to just creep on Kristen while she tries to hide the fact that she sees demons from her husband.

Plus a humorous play by play from good ole George during the amorous activities would be downright hilarious.

Instead, we get the evilest looking cat to be put on screen since Scar.

For a second I didn’t realize that it was CGI and thought the cat was really glowering at Kristen. It seems like it would be easy to find one that could do it on command. They aren’t terribly jocular creatures.

And Kristen would not let that sweatshirt go. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, soon we are thrown into the meat of the episode. David and the church are being sued. Something they have quite a bit of experience with and is making moves to limit the damage done.

David tries talking to Kristen who smartly realizes that it would be very bad if it got out they were trying to get their stories straight.

We’re introduced to the church’s lawyer, someone from David’s past. She’s the sister of the woman he was dating and she very obviously had a thing for him.

The deposition does go well as Kristen is forced to admit that she did not agree with the church’s actions and the doctor that treated the possessed woman details that experience left her in bad shape. And it looks like the church will have to pay big bucks, and there’s a personal cost. David will not be allowed to become a priest.

However, Kristen and Ben decide to help and discover that the doctor was being paid by the pharmaceutical company to give certain drugs and that was the reason for the woman’s deterioration as well as some questionable psychological treatments.

Things turn and the church only has to pay for medical costs, and David can continue to become a priest.

But, when he returns to his room, the lawyer is there and it does not look like she wants to pray with him. We leave off with it looking like David succumbing to his earthly desires. And, he’s missing his prayer group, the same one Leland was about to have shot up by his little incel protege.

Which brings us to the other part of the episode.

Leland continues to groom his new friend and he gets him to go further and further. It ends with Leland having another demon, one of the 60, teach him how to use guns.

I thought for sure I knew how this was going to end.

David misses the prayer group and it is attacked by the incel terrorist.

But, our expectations are subverted when the incel shoots himself on accident, much to Leland’s dismay.

Also, the show doesn’t do the typical look away and shows the full headshot. It can be troubling to watch, especially if you’ve lost someone to firearms. The whole thing left me feeling queasy, but I suppose that was its job.

The impact was made.

Also, we get more of Evil playing with the concept of, well, evil.

One could say that the man about to commit a terrorist act wasn’t at fault as he was being influenced by a demon (I would not make this argument by the way.)

But the show is showing that people have that in them. He could load weapons and was about to take them to shoot innocent people. The evil was inside him the whole time. It shows how easily Leland can spread chaos and destruction. With just a few words, he turned a man spurned by a woman into an incel terrorist.

It was deeply troubling being reminded of how quickly one can be radicalized and how quickly that will turn to violence.

Like the title says. The show is dark. Onto next week.

Random Thoughts

  • Kristen’s husband now wants her to go to Everest. The cynic in me thinks this is a ploy to get her away from her coworkers. Though he thinks its Ben he has to worry about. Though that maybe true. I like Ben miles more than not-David.
  • Husband is going to freak when he sees David.
  • I hope we see the husband try on the sweatshirt so he sees just exactly how much smaller he is.
  • We get more of David’s backstory including why he joined the church, as well has his background with drugs and violence.
  • I hope that’s the last we see of the cat, it freaked me out.
  • I knew exactly when it was going to happen when the kid was blowing on the barrels like in a western with the hammers clearly cocked. Please don’t ever do this. Never point a firearm at yourself, even as a joke. And keep the safety on.

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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