How to Get More Views on Your Writing

Some easy marketing tips

Matthew Donnellon
3 min readSep 12, 2021


Now, writing is fun.

If you’re lucky then you can even get paid for it.

But, there’s one thing that you have to do that most writer’s dislike and that’s marketing and getting your words out in front of people.

It’s often a boring and thankless task and it can be tiring because even the best marketing can sometimes net zero results.

Whether you self published a book or your write for a website that pays for views, or maybe you have a blog that you want people to read, then you want to drive traffic to your writing.

Everyone knows the standards.

The first thing they tell you to do is start promoting your writing on Facebook and Twitter.

But there are some ways to market your work that you might not have thought of.

This article contains four different methods to help get your writing in front of more people.


Reddit is one of the best tools to drive traffic to your writing on the website.

It’s also great because you don’t have to spend hours and months building a following. One reddit post has the ability to go viral and it will drive thousands and thousands of views to your writing or to your website.

Reddit also can also help your post rank on Google.

If your do it right it will accumulate views quickly and then it will start getting from search engines.

The only thing about Reddit is that while it super good at driving traffic it is really difficult to use.

If you try and market your work without participating in the small communities called subreddits then the moderators will ban you and then it’s game over. You can’t submit there ever again.

I wrote about how to do it here:



Matthew Donnellon

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