How To Make $10K A Month Writing On Medium

It’s hard but anyone can do it

Writing on Medium is great.

It gives you chance to get your work in front of potentially millions of people.

It allows you to flex your creative muscles, to scratch that literary itch, and also meet some other writers.

Heck, you might even write something really great. Maybe it’s an essay that brings tears to people’s eyes. Perhaps it’s a personal anecdote that brings a smile to the reader’s face. You might even give advice that changes someone’s life for the better.

But let’s be real.

We’re all here for the same reason.

The money.


Cold. Hard. Cash.

Trying to hoover up that reading time like you’re a disgraced hedge fund manager and the feds are on their way.

So how do you make stacks of paper?

You want to make 10K writing on the platform? Keep reading.

Write About Making Money On Medium

This is the sure fire winner.

Man. People love reading about how to make money writing on Medium. I usually hate those posts.

But you know what?

I read them anyway. There’s some part of my lizard brain that sees the dollar signs in the headline and I just can’t not click.

I mean you put Medium in the title and you’re just chumming the waters. People love those stories and then you toss in a dollar amount and and you’ll reel in fish all day.


In fact, I’m pretty sure you could earn a decent living writing entirely about Medium. Medium used to discourage this. A long time ago you couldn’t put a post about Medium behind the paywall. Once that changed though. Boy did the high-earning piece come flying out.

Alternatively: You can write about what you don’t like about Medium. If you write something disparaging about Medium people gobble those stories up nearly as frequently.

Write 10 Article A Day

You know the old saying, “Quality over Quantity?”

Yeah whoever said that didn’t write for the Internet.

Writing on the Internet is the digital Wild West. It’s not about trying to write the great American novel that be read in school a hundred years from now. On the Internet you write a post, it filters through the people that might see your work and then everyone will forget about it in two days.

It’s the same on Medium.

If you want to succeed you gotta produce like you’re an extra in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Always be writing.

If you want to get rich on Medium you have to toss everything an anything up there.

There have been time I’ve written great stores with sparse prose, good action, great dialogue, and no one read it.

Then I’ll write something just to publish something that day. Just a total hack job. And guess what?

That one story will out earn everything that month.

Besides to hit a few homeruns you got to take a lot of swings. Each story is an opportunity.

Who cares if it’s crap?

More than once I published a story I thought was awful only to wake up to story having a great response.

Write Lots Of Generic Productivity Motivational Content

If there’s one thing people love reading here it’s generic motivational/aspirational content.

Want to be successful?

Well here are 5 somewhat vague ideas that if you read will make you like…a tad more motivated.

Here’s 7 qualities Michael Jordan has that you can use to conquer your goals.

He may have god-tier athletic talent and a pathological competitive streak but it’s these common qualities that made him successful.

The Internet is a wash with a million diet Gary Vee’s who want you to mainline bulletproof coffee and write 40 articles a day.

And boy I think they’re onto something so copy them and you too will be raking in the big bucks here on Medium.

Write Fiction on Medium

This is the real secret.

I’m telling you if you start writing fiction the reading time will go through the roof.

It’s pretty great. You make up stories and people pay to read it.


Just kidding.

Fiction is the opposite of making money.

It’s a one way ticket to the bread lines.

Actually if you publish fiction on the Internet some comes to your house and takes it out of your pockets.

Tag 8 Million People In Every Post

If you really want to get people to see your story and piss people off at the same time just go ahead tag 10,000 writers at the end of your story.

It’s great. You see a new notification that “someone mentioned in a story.”

You get excited and go and check it out wondering why they tagged you.

Then you find out that they also tagged every other writer on the face of the planet.

Write About Your Email List

Medium writers love writing about email lists.

I know people with email lists that have never written a word.

Write 40,000 posts trying to get people to sign up for it and then figure out a way to fleece them for more.

But oh boy, you put together an email list and next thing you know the dough just comes rolling in.

So take these into consideration and the next time the ole’ Partner Payments come out you’ll see that 5 figure number.

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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