How To Make Money Writing Fiction On The Internet

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Matthew Donnellon
4 min readDec 18, 2022


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If you tell someone that you’re a writer then you must be prepared to get certain looks.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

It’s that, “You poor soul” or “Have fun in the poor house.”

If you’re in school, everybody seems to love asking “how do you plan on making money?” and “you’ll have to get a real job one day.”

I can’t tell you how sweet the satisfaction is when you get to say to people later on that you are in fact making money.

Then, jealousy comes when people find out about your flexible schedule and how you get to work from home.

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to post a picture on Instagram of you sitting in your hammock in the backyard overlooking the forest while you caption it, “My new office.”

It’s even better when you can make some money writing fiction.

Ghostwriting can be lucrative and so can freelance writing, and I’m glad they were able to help me get started with a writing career, but I got into writing to write stories, not TPS reports. (To be honest I have no idea what that are, I just remember hearing about it in Office Space.)

But many people think that making money writing fiction is an unattainable goal.

Most people think the only way to make money writing fiction is via a book deal where one is paid for a novel or sending short stories off to a literary journal.

To be honest, a book deal is still the best way to make money and if you want to make a substantial amount of money selling a novel is most likely your best bet.

By and large longer work will make more money.

However, I am also outlining another avenue for income by writing short fiction.

Yes, I’m aware of short fiction’s reputation as the domain of the literary elite and one mostly thinks of short stories only being published in journals and magazines.

And that’s maybe what you should do if you want to build your reputation in the writing world and have an eye towards becoming a creative…



Matthew Donnellon

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.