How To Publish Something Every Day

Writing is something that requires a lot of practice. I write every day. But, on top of writing every day, I like to publish something every day in various places.

When you are building a writing career the more times you can pop show up the more chances people have to read your work.

I think there is another benefit to having your articles show up every day and that is you build consistency with your readers. They start expecting to see your posts every day and want to keep up with your work.

But, it can be a challenge to get things out there every day. So I’ve included some ways to help you do it too.

Have A Never Ending List Of Ideas

In order to write anything you need an idea first. So you need to horde ideas because they are the currency of the writing world.

To keep my ideas at the ready, I have a couple methods. I write down the title and the main idea and I keep them a couple places. I have a notebook where I write down every idea that I think of.

I also write down all the ideas into a Google Doc. That way should I not have my notebook near me, or if I’ve forgotten it, I have a place to look when I can’t think of something to write.

Write By Hand

This is my secret weapon.

I’ve written more about this idea here:

But, if you really need to get an article out there’s no better trick than to write by hand.

Sometimes you can sit there with a blank screen for hours, but as soon as I get a blank piece of paper and a pen the words will just start flowing.

It never fails.

I don’t know if it’s just muscle memory, having been so used to taking notes and writing in school, or maybe there are just less distractions, but I honestly think there is no better way to make sure that you can publish something every day.

So whenever I need to get a post out, this is my go to.

Have A Few Articles Ready To Go

This might seem like cheating but sometimes you just don’t have time to write an article but you don’t want lose out on a day of publishing.

So, I like to keep 10 to 12 articles that are ready to go or just need a little polishing to make sure that all I have to do is publish.

This also works if the article you were working on hits a snag or is going to take far longer than you originally thought. Now, if you have a couple articles in the bank you can publish and then you back to writing, and now you have an article for the next day.

This is one of those tricks that takes you too long to start doing, but once you start you wonder how you never thought of it before.

Write A Round Up Piece

If you get really desperate then it’s time to write a round up article.

This is the last resort.

Maybe you can’t think of anything else and you don’t have any articles waiting in the wings.

So it’s time to write a round up post.

You can write an article talking about all the other articles you’ve written that week or maybe you’ve written a lot of stories on one subject so you can sum up what you learned writing them.

Or maybe you can expand on another article.

But this is a last resort. I wouldn’t make it a habit of writing them. People tend to realize what you’re doing.

So, if you follow these tips it should help you publish something each and every day.

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Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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