How To Quickly Write A 1000 Word Article And Have It Make Money

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Most of the time writing is something that you should not rush. You should give it the time it needs in order to make something special.

After every word that you put out is a reflection of you as a writer. You want to always be putting your best foot forward.

But, that is the ideal scenario, and we all know that writing under the ideal scenario is a rare occurrence.

So, sometimes you need to bust out an article quickly to make a deadline or to meet you quota for the day. And if you follow these steps you can bang out an article in no time.

Break It Up

There was a time when I thought that writing a thousand words was something that would take all day.

Like most people, my first real writing experience came in the form of writing essays for school.

I always struggled to write in high school and if you would have told me then that I would be a professional writer I never would have believed you.

It wasn’t until college that writing would finally make sense. In my first real English class I had a professor that made everything finally click. I was looking at writing projects all wrong.

I’m paraphrasing but he said something to the effect of:

“It’s not hard. You write an intro and you write a conclusion. There that’s a quester of the work out of the way. No you just find some quotes from the book and then go blah, blah, blah, quote, blah, blah, blah, quote and repeat until you hit the the page count.”

He put it better but it was the first time I realized that when you had to write something it’s best to break it up into parts.

So now, unless there is some format I specifically need to stick to then I make sure to break it up.

I write the introduction first, and then the conclusion. If you write a hundred words for both you’re 20% of the way to being done.

After that it’s a race to 800 words. Now if you break that up even further the chunks get more manageable each time.

Include a Story

Let’s say that you need to lengthen out an article a little and you’re looking for something to make pad the word count.

And that means my friends, it’s time to tell a story.

This is why mom blogs have a 1,400 word diatribe before putting the recipe they wanted to share.

I did it in the section above. It would be a lot shorter if I hadn’t included the anecdote about the college professor it would have been a whole lot shorter.

That saves you time because any writer worth his or her salt can spin a yarn for a couple hundred words. Just make sure that it’s a little entertaining. Because the more fun it is to write the faster you’ll write and then we can wrap this whole thing up pretty quickly.

Heck you could even make it about writing. Like this one time I only had an hour to write an article so instead of wasting time and trying to find a good idea about which to write instead I sat there and wrote an entire article about writing that article.

Rather fitting story I would think.

See you can just do something like that. It’s not that hard, trust me if I can do it then anyone can.

Get A Timer

This is one of those productivity guru hacks and I usually hate any of the advice they give.

But this one works.

If you’re in a tight spot, then either set a time on your phone or on a tab in your Internet browser.

Set it for something easy like 15 minutes. Then you just go nuts and write as fast as you can.

Usually, what I do is try to finish what I’m writing in that 15 minutes. I don’t necessarily get it all done but I’ll knock out a huge chunk and then it’s just a matter or finishing it up.

The countdown seems to bring out that nervous energy from my school days when I’d wait too long to start an essay and I’d have to finish the whole thing at the last minute.

You start off in a frenzy and then next you you know you’re punching the keys like you’re Tyson Fury.

Use Writing From Other People

Don’t get the message twisted. I’m not saying to plagiarize. Just use some quote either from other writers or from another article with proper attribution.

See if you get 100 words from another source then really you only need to write a 900 word article.

If you can get your hands on 200 words then it’s only 800.

It’s a lot easier than trying to come up with all the words yourself. I mean who wants to do that?

For instance, here are some words that relate to writing speed that I found when writing this article by Michael Agger in Slate:

“The scientifically-tested fun facts abound. Ann Chenoweth and John Hayes (2001) found that sentences are generated in a burst-pause-evaluate, burst-pause-evaluate pattern, with more experienced writers producing longer word bursts. A curly-haired girl on a white porch swing on a hot summer day will be more likely to remember what you’ve written if you employ concrete language — so says a 1995 study. S. K. Perry reports that the promise of money has a way of stimulating writerly “flow.”


Now I’ve just added a good chunk to this article.

And now we’ve made it to the conclusion. This is the part where you bring the reader home.

You just kind of want to sum up the article. You just set a timer, and tell a story. After you break the article in different chunks of course. There you have it. A thousand words on the nose.

Written by

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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