Marvel Releases ‘Black Widow’ Teaser Trailer

First look at Black Widow solo movie

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Earlier today, Marvel released a new teaser trailer for the Black Widow movie coming next year.

First, teaser trailer is a probably not the right word as it might as well been a full trailer.

But, this isn’t the time for a semantics argument.

Ostensibly, this takes place pre-Endgame for obvious reasons.

I believe this takes place between Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War.


Scarlett Johansson returns as the eponymous Black Widow, and we are treated into some of her background.

This will provide the first real cinematic look into her background as its never been more than hinted at in the movies.


Black Widow also provides a bit of a family reunion as Natasha Romanov spars with a young woman who displays the same martial prowess and fights her to a standstill.

It’s revealed that she is Romanov’s sister.

They work together to break a man out of jail. A Russian accented David Harbour who will be playing the comic character the Red Guardian a soviet version of Captain America.

However, time may have passed him by as the suit still fits but just so. One of them points this out to him.

He also remarks that it’s a family reunion, but I don’t believe they made it clear how they relate to each other. The Red Guardian and the Black Widow were married in the comics but I don’t know if that’s the case in the movie. It looked like he might be her father, a better writer would look this up.

Natasha admits that they must return to the place where it all started. The training facility that we saw glimpses of in The Age of Ultron. It’s the place that turned Natasha into the Black Widow and presumably did the same thing to her sister and The Red Guardian.

The Trailer

It was definitely interesting.

It’s nice to return to the smaller scope movies after cosmic level mega-movie events.

Black Widow is more action thriller than straight comic book movie. It looked closer to a Mission Impossible movie than most of Marvel’s other projects. In fact, had I seen Tom Cruise dangling from something improbable I would have thought that’s what it was.

This isn’t to say this is foreign territory to Marvel. They’ve done the political/action thriller before with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And that’s the movie that most closely resembles it, though this looked darker and a bit more visceral.

From what I saw in the trailer, the action looks tight and focused, and the fights scenes were well done. There was an enjoyable Bourne-esque quality to them.

The surprise hit though was the music.

The sound design was well done and gave the trailer a palpable feel, but plenty of movies do that.

What really stood out was the Black Widow theme. It was this electronic riff alarm sound that totally worked in the movie.

It built slowly at first to create a sense of unease and then went off in the middle.

It has the perfect caper/spy movie tone in a modern setting. The closest thing I’ve heard is the alarm sound from the Death Star in A New Hope and Rebel One.

So a little Star Wars sound never hurt anyone.

The trailer did what it needed to do and made anyone that saw it excited for the movie, and it was nice to see Johansson reprising her role as the Black Widow. She’s owned the role since Iron Man 2 and is one of the longest tenured members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s about time she got her own movie.

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Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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