She Liked My Tweet: A Modern Love Story

He had just come from his grandfather’s house.

He was helping his mom go through his things when he found a trunk. It was old but unlocked.

Curiosity got the better of him and he started looking through it and before long he realized that it was a collection of letters.

They were the letters he sent his grandmother after being drafted. He spent three years away from her and it looked like the old man wrote her every day.

He looked through a handful of them. It was funny they barely sounded like his grandfather. The man in the letters was much nicer. He told his grandmother how much he missed her and how his heart ached.

He never would have pictured his grandfather as a young romantic. The man he knew was made out of scrap iron and leather. He was so tough if someone told him they saw the old man eating gravel he’d believe ’em.

After reading them for nearly an hour he put them back in the trunk. He hefted the old box and put it in his mom’s house.

He was watching TV later when his phone buzzed.

He checked his phone. One new like.

Someone liked some inane joke he made a week ago. He was putting his phone away when got curious. He pulled the phone back out and looked at the notification again.

He clicked on the profile.

Ha, she lived not far away.

He double clicked on the profile picture to make it larger.

He looked through her account. He’d never admit it but he clicked the media tab and looked. There were pictures of her and her friends.

He kept scrolling.

She’s funny, he thought.

He hemmed. He hawed. Going back and forth.

Then he did it. He hit the message button. He made a dumb joke about something he saw in her profile.

He put his phone away, and figured nothing would come of it.

An hour later he got a reply.

They talked through the night.

He didn’t hear from her after that for a couple days.

He had given up when three days later he got a message.

They talked again. All night long. They talked everyday.

Finally, one day she invited him to bar with some of her friends.

They met. And it was nearly instant love.

Weeks later she moved in. A year later they got engaged. The year after that they were at their wedding.

It was there he had to repeat several times as everyone wanted to know how they met.

He’d sheepishly tell people how one day he happened to check Twitter and his life changed.

Elsewhere a certain grandfather was looking down and thinking about all the letters he wrote, and all it took for his grandson was one little digital heart.

What a putz, the old man thought.

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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