The 100 Season 6 Trailer Review

Matthew Donnellon
4 min readMar 29, 2019
Image via Den of Geek

A lot has changed since the original 100 kids fell to Earth to see if the Earth was viable a hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse.

They learned to survive on their own.

They fought Grounders, the descendants of humans who survived the first wave of fire.

A leader emerged as Clarke Griffin rallied the 100 against certain death and kept the kids alive to fight another day, and long enough for the rest of the members of the Ark to return to Earth.

Villains became heroes as Bellamy Blake went from loner antagonist to helping keep his new family alive.

Bellamy and Clarke led a coalition against Mt. Weather, the last remaining remnants of the United States.

They fought together and overcame the AI that infected everyone.

The group found a way to shelter a small group as a second nuclear meltdown made the world uninhabitable again.

They found a way to survive when the war between a returning mining company and the Red Queen’s force destroyed the last patch of green Earth.

Humans took refuge in space once again.

The last season ended with a video message from Monty and Harper saying that they never entered into the hyper sleep with the rest, instead choosing to wait…



Matthew Donnellon

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