Books are containers for stories, but some books are a story all their own.

Some stories are books.

And some books are stories.

A book is special kind of gift.

It’s not something that just some mere tchotchke to collect dust on the shelf.

A book is different unless the this is happening to the books you give people. Then I suspect you should find better books or better people.

A book is a commitment. Its says “I think you’ll spend a few hours enjoying this.”

For a voracious reader there is no better gift.

A book says something about the giver too.

It says that I spent a while looking for this. I sojourned among the shelves and pranced along the pages, and read and read and read some more until I found something you might like.

I was in the bookstore reading the spines until it was dark. I walked up and down rows of books. For a bookworm there is no better search.

And books can be a tradition.

At least it was for me.

Every year, I would spend at least some part of December looking for a book.

A special book.

Each year, for several years in a row, I would give my grandfather a book for Christmas.

He read a lot. Mostly thrillers and books about military history, as grandfathers tend to do.

I would usually go for the military history ones and the search was always fun. He had a particular affinity for airplanes, and spent time as an Airman in the Air Force.

So, I typically found books about airplanes and pilots. Usually from the World War II era.

Each year, another book.

I have those books now.

So now I have a new tradition.

Each year I pick one of the books from the stack and I’ll read that one. Books about airplanes and soldiers from another era.

I’ll always have the books.

The Christmas books.

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.

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