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Top Twitter Alternatives For Writers

It’s good to have options

Matthew Donnellon
3 min readApr 27, 2024


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

For a long time, Twitter was a great way to market your work and to meet other writers.

Yes, I know its called X now but that name is dumb and it will always be Twitter to me.

Back in the day I used to rely heavily on Twitter to get my work out there. It was a great tool to find work too.

But it's really lost its luster and now it’s a shell of its former self and no longer the great place to network.

So I thought I’d list off some alternatives.

If you want a Twitter Replacement.


Mastodon is a platform similar to Twitter.

It’s a microblogging site. But it is set up differently. Where Twitter is essentially an open door to the entire Internet with millions of people screaming into the void, Mastodon is a collection of mini Twitters with each revolving around one topic.

It’s a decentralized platform. This appeals to some people because theoretically you would be talking with people who have similar likes.

However as a marketing tool it’s not quite there yet. Even with a mass exodus from Twitter over the last few days the platform…



Matthew Donnellon

Matthew Donnellon is a writer, artist, and sit down comedian. He is the author of The Curious Case of Emma Lee and Other Stories.